neurotic is an interactive data visualization app that allows neuroscientists to synchronize raw electrophysiology data with video of the experiment.

Without doing any programming, users can review and annotate their experimental data stored in a Neo-compatible format (see Neo's docs for file types) and see video of the behavior or stimuli that accompanied the signals.

Before plotting data, neurotic can perform basic data processing, such as signal filtering and spike detection. It can also fetch data files from internet-accessible servers, which is convenient for collaborations or for working from multiple computers.

neurotic is built in Python and can run as a standalone app for Windows, macOS, or Linux. It also provides an API that can be used as part of a data analysis workflow with Jupyter notebooks or Python scripts. The app launches with a complete working example, and a working example Jupyter notebook is provided too.

neurotic's graphical user interface is powered by the ephyviewer library.