The OpenElectrophy project aims to simplify data- and analysis-sharing for intra- and extra-cellular recordings. In short with OpenElectrophy you will be able to play with neural signals, spikes and oscillations.

OpenElectrophy is a Python module for electrophysiology data analysis (intra- and extra-cellular). OpenElectrophy is built on top of Neo :

  • It includes the powerful Neo IO that can read a large number of data formats (Plexon, NeuroExplorer, Spike2, TDT, Axon, BlackRock, ...)
  • Neo objects ready for analyses (AnalogSIgnal, SpikeTrain, RecordingChannel, Segment, Block ...)

But OpenElectrophy also provides:

  • A GUI for exploring datasets
  • A complete offline spikesorting tool chain = GUI and/or command line.
  • A timefrequency toolbox = fast wavelet scalogram plotting + transient oscillation in LFP detection.
  • Viewers for Neo objects.
  • A database for storage.