The PyTreesTB Trac

Welcome to the developers page for the Python wrapper to the Trees Toolbox.

See also the main  Trees Toolbox web page, and development site


PyTreesTB needs the svn version of PyMATLAB. Install as follows

$ svn co pymatlab 

In the newly checked out pymatlab-svn dir, configure your setup.cfg from the templates provided, and run

$ sudo python install

Now you can get the PyTreesTB code as follows

$ hg clone

Then set your TREESTB_HOME to the path to the TREES MATLAB source, which is available from For bash for example, put the following in you ~/.bashrc file:

export TREESTB_HOME=<path_to_dir_containing_TREES>

Then go to <path_to_hg_clone_dir>/pytreestb and

$ sudo python install

You should then be able to:

$ python
>>> import pytreestb

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