The Neural Ensemble Cookbook

An open repository of idioms and recipes pertaining to Neuroscience, with a twist of Python.


Switch/Case flow-control in Python
Converting ASCII column separated values to hdf5
Primer: Writing documentation for Python projects with docutils
Truncating division and Guido van Rossum's Python 3000 Google Video
matplotlib figtext and figline
Work around version incompatibilities using Python decorators


FacetsPythonCourse2008 - The FACETS/BCCN-Freiburg Student Python course material

Numpy for MATLAB users:


Software Installation

Step by step instructions how to install tricky packages

InstallMayaVI2 - 3D plotting package from enthought

Meeting Information


MecurialTips - Some helpful tips+tricks for using Mercurial/hg, a distributed revision control system improving on subversion.